Player Commands

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General Commands :

@charcommands :Shows the full list of commands available to your character.

@request : Enables you to contact a GM.

@storage : Opens the kafra storage system.

@go (number) : Enables players to warp to a specific town or save point.

@mall : Warps you to the mall area.(vending area is also located in the mall)

@autotrade : For vending only(merchant class), Enables selling items from your cart to other players while you are offline.(this command will log you out)

@autopot : Shows you specific commands for autopot(using potions automaticly).

@rates : Enables players to show the current rate on the server.

@refresh : Refreshes the player screen.

@exp : Shows your current level and experience obtained.

@showexp : Shows the amount of experience obtained per monster.

@noask : (De)Activates the autoreject.

@time : Shows the server's time.

@uptime : Shows the server's up time.

@channel : Shows you all channel commands.

@noks : Prevents other players to steal your mobs.

@duel : Enables you to create a duel.

@invite (player name) : Enables you to invite set player.

@accept : Enables you to accept duel invitations.

@leave : Enables you to leave the duel.

@joinbg : Enables you to join a Battleground.

@jailtime : shows you the amount of remaining time in jail.

@breakguild : Guild Master only command, Let's you instantly disband the guild.

@changegm : Guild Master only command, Let's you change the current guild master.

@afk : Enables players to afk their character and log out.

@showdelay : Shows skill delay failure.

@langtype : Allows you to set a specific language.

@commands : Shows you a list of script-bound commands.

@help : Shows help for a specific command.

Monster and Item Commands :

@iteminfo (item ID/Name) : Shows item specific information.

@whodrops (item ID/Name) : Shows you what monster drops the item and % of dropping.

@monsterinfo (monster ID/Name) : Shows monster specific information.

@whereis (monster ID/Name) : Shows you the fields/dungeons where the mob is and how many there are.

@autoloot (amount %): Enables you to automaticly pick up loot set by a specific droprate.(typing just @autoloot will set the amount to 100% picking up everything, Typing @autoloot again will disable autolooting)

@autolootid : Enables you to autoloot based on specific item ID.

@autoloottype : Enables you to autoloot items based on specific item type.

Homonculus Commands :

@hominfo : Shows you the information on your homonculus.

@homstats : Shows you the current stats of your homonculus.

Custom Commands

@mining : Shows your current mining level and experience points gathered.

@harvest : Shows your current harvest level and experience points gathered.

@weaponinfo : Shows your current Weapon Mastery level, experience points gathered and benefits unlocked.