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Open Space Harvest and Farm System

What is the purpose and objective?

Giving casual and undergeared players more chance to get Zeny and do what they can do. There will be more items that you can farm added in the future.

Harvest Level Information

Players start at Level 0 of Harvesting.

Max Harvest level is 10.

Exp table of harvest as described : exp table 100,200,400,600,800,1000,1500,2000,2500,5000.

Harvest Level below 4 can plant max of 2 plants.

Harvest Level below 7 can plant max of 3 plants.

Harvest Level below 9 can plant max of 4 plants.

Harvest Level 10 can plant max of 5 plants.

How to start Harvesting??

First you need to talk to Harvest Girl near [Maya] to warp to Caelestia Public Garden Area. Harvest Girl.jpg

Second you need to buy seed from Seed Seller on Caelestia Garden Area. Seed Seller.jpg

How to plant??

After you buy a seed, go to an empty plot and click it.

Empty Field.jpg

Then you can see what seeds can be planted, Now select the seed that you bought.


After being planted, you can see your plants progress by looking at it's sprite. Green means its halfway done.


Shining means it's ready to be harvested and you need to claim it quickly.


High Tier Rewards :

Life essence.jpg Holy yggdrasil berry.jpg Golden apple.jpg Dream flower.jpg

Mid Tier Rewards :

Holy white herb.jpg Holy blue herb.jpg

Other Rewards :

Fresh apple.jpg Fresh banana.jpg Fresh carrot.jpg Fresh grape.jpg Fresh potato.jpg