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Cosmos Guild Package Migration Rewards



APPLIED MULTIPLY REWARDS! so if 10members will get double the amount and so on.

No same IP except can prove its the same net.

Old returning players guild also can claim the rewards but only. Receive 50% of it (1x item = 0 if no multiply)

All members must at least level 90 Transcendent/Extended Classes

All member must be online at the same time , please contact GM Yatohime (DISCORD Yatohime#6255) for appoinment~!

All Item will be given to Guild Master as a package/box !


Members and Leader Rewards :

Custom colour name (1 Guild 1 Colour Name)

10x 300% battle manual

10x job battle manual

1x vellum weapon

1x WOE Armor (choose between Siege Suit , Siege Robe, and Siege Plate)

5x Golden Apple (Token of Siegfried)

1x +8 weap ticket (old players get +7)

1x +8 armor ticket (old players get +7)

10x Coagulated Spell

3x Temporal Crystal

Guild Leader Rewards :

10 Yggdrasil Berry Box

3x Golden Apple (Cosmos Token of Siegfried)

1x +8 weap ticket (bring over 10 members get +9 and over 15 get +10 over 25 get +11)(old players start from +7)

1x +8 armor ticket(bring over 10 members get +9 and over 15 get +10 over 25 get +11)(old players start from +7)

1x Physical rune and 1x magical rune

Guild Receive :

1x Ice Pick [0]

100 Elite Siege Supply Box

1000 Red, Blue,Yellow Gemstone (each)

500 Poison Bottle

500 Bottle Grenade

500 Acid Bottle

50 silvervine fruit


We can detect if its multiple account easily!